The Law Firm Kleven & Kristensen ANS is the only law firm in Norway with a defined main focus on sports, culture and commerce.

Kleven & Kristensen Law Firm is one of the few law firms in Scandinavia specialized in sports law.We have extensive experience and competence on issues concerning sports- and business law. Our firm represents and assists a number of sports organizations, such as the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports, most of the Norwegian National Sports Federations, as well as sports clubs. In addition we provide legal assistance to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and a large number of athletes. Our law firm also represents corporations and personal clients with no connection to sports.

We offer our clients effective and professional assistance with high quality according to the clients’ needs. In our work we consider it a high priority to engage ourselves in our clients’ activities to ensure that their interests are safeguarded in the best way possible. In this relation, we make it a priority to be available to our clients when required, and we always ensure that our assistance maintain their demands for integrity, independence, quality and commitment.